“Always playing with boys in the bush, advised to marry” – Mother shares daughter’s result slip and remarks from teacher

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A Nigerian mother has posted her daughter’s report slip online along with the principal’s and teacher’s comments.

The mother revealed her daughter’s failing grades for all of the subjects on the result slip. However, social media users took notice of the statements made by the class instructor and principal.

According to the class instructor who wrote this on the result sheet, the girl failed all of her classes since she never paid attention in class and was instead frequently spotted playing with a group of guys in the nearby bush.

In response to the teacher’s comments, the school’s headmaster also suggested to the girl’s mother that she get married.

“Always playing with boys in the bush. Very lazy in all types of sports. Advised to marry”, the teacher wrote.

See some comments from netizens below,

Matthias Ugwu commented; “One of the reasons I dread having a daughter in this generation. This generation is more possessive of the female gender. You hardly see good ones these days.”

Dennis Okwukwe wrote; “Always playing with boys in the bush? And what did you do as a teacher?”

Jacob Nwose wrote; “She needs to take the remarks seriously. How can a child fail all subjects?”


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